You might be wondering who is behind Triathlon Geek.

My real name is Simone Chiaretta, and I'm a beginner triathlete who is training to compete in its first full distance Ironman in 2018.

I did my first triathlon in 2008, a sprint distance and then I've been doing some races and training, on and off, till September 2014, when I finally joined a triathlon club in Brussels, the Brussels Triathlon Club.

In 2015 I participated in Supercoupe league organised by the Belgian Francophone Triathlon League, finishing 12th in my category (Men 40-50). I also competed in my first half-marathon, in Riga, finishing in 1h51.

In 2016, I stepped up my game and focused more on half-ironman distances, competing in two of them. I did my first in Elsinore, Denmark, in June, finishing in 5h51min, and later another in August, in Otepaa, Estonia, finishing around 6hrs. I also did my PB in the half-marathon, 1h42, still in Riga, and in the 20km of Brussels, in 1h38.

Unfortunately after the HM in August I discovered I had an abdominal hernia, which was not a serious condition but had to be treated. So from then till late November when I had the surgery I didn't train much, so my condition felt drastically. After the surgery I had a month of complete stop before starting again, from almost zero, at the beginning of 2017.

This blog is an attempt to document my return to training after the surgery and my preparation for my first full distance Ironman in 2018.