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Surgery... the second is a charm

December 2, 2016 12:28
Surgery... the second is a charm

After a few months of waiting, mostly due to some other commitments I had, on the 22nd of November I went to the Hospital close to where I live to have my belly cut open and a mesh inserted below my abdominals to prevent other hernia happening in the future (at least in the same area).

It didn't end well... I got all prepared for the surgery, but before entering the anesthetist asks: "Did you have breakfast?"... I said yes... and he started freaking out. Apparently doing a general anesthesia without empty stomach is very dangerous. Unfortunately none, doctor, anesthetist, nurses, told me anything about not eating or drinking the 12 hrs before. They told million other things, even minor, but none told me such an important point. And being my first general anesthesia I didn't know that I didn't have to eat. So, everything got postponed of another week.

On the 28th I went back to the hospital, this time without having eaten or drank since the previous evening. Got prepared, and I was brought to the operation room. They make me breath some oxygen via a mask, and that's the last thing I remember. Next thing I remember was being taken to my room, about 3h30 later, after surgery and 2hrs in the waking up room.

I stayed one night in hospital and the next afternoon, after waiting the doctor to finish his other round of surgeries, I got released.

I've to say, that after 5 days, pain is all totally gone; I still have some problem when I've to flex my abs to sit or stand, or lift some occasional heavier thing, but nothing serious.

Now I've a control visit with doctor next Wednesday to see how things evolve and to assess when I can start some light training again.


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